Re-Imagine Series

Re-Imagine Series: On a Budget!

Re-Imagine Series: On a Budget!

Join Adam, our host, as he shows you how you can get the best furniture for an affordable price. Turner's Budget Furniture is your location to get the best quality pieces for your home, while staying within your budget.


It's All Good: Sofas

Turner's Budget has a huge selection of good quality and brand name sofas. Adam walks you through the selection process.

It's All Good: Rustic Canyon

The Rustic Canyon Collection offers furniture made from Brazilian pine with a distressed look.

It's All Good: Newlyweds

Adam comes to the rescue of a newlywed couple on a budget and in desperate need new furniture.


Re-Imagine Series: On a Budget!

In this episode, Adam goes from store manager to customer. See how he and his wife re-imagine their home to accommodate their new lifestyle as a newlywed couple!